Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Here we go

Day 1

I prepared my lunch the night before ready for work and placed in my lunch boxes.

So I did ham, with green olives, lettuce and chorizo. Desert was strawberries with coconut and raisens.  Snack I prepared raw carrots, beetroot and linseeds 

I was suprisely full all day, no sugar shakes and my energy levels for fine.

For dinner was chicken in paprika, quinoa and broccoli. Yummy!

I also get to a 45 minutes spin class and I did have a banana just before I went. I felt fine normal struggle with the mental class. But I love it.

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Time to get some guts!


Today I went to a kinesiologist to help my upset tummy.
I have been battling upset tummy for years. I have tried gluten free, lactose free, dairy and alcohol free.
But now I have been tested and here is my list!





I am worried about given up sugar, and every girls needs chocolate once in a while. Ahh

I bought "i quit sugar" so I give a few of these recipes a try. And I need to have a lowGI diet as well to keep my energy levels up.

Also lots of ideas from Pinterest, which I love.

If anyone has any advice please comment and I better go shopping now, and get my pack lunch ready!

Thanks for reading and wish me luck xx

All pictures from Pinterest 

Monday, 11 August 2014

the joy of the summer holidays.

Being at part time teaching assistant and a student in the summer holidays.

let the rant begin!

Busy Brighton
you may think i have a really good deal. having the 6 weeks off in a row having Christmas and half terms off. but it not all what it seems.

firstly all the children are off too!! so prices are higher then normal, so i cant afford to go aboard. places are always so busy with screaming kids and stressed parents.

second thing is all my friends including my boyfriend, that have normal jobs are at work so haven't got time to spend with me at Brighton beach filled with tourist and kids.

another thing i don't get paid for these holidays or even paid enough unlike teachers and no one gives people jobs for just 6 weeks of the summer holidays unless you are really lucky and even then you regret it and wished you where enjoying the sun on Brighton busy beach.

bathed the guinea pigs
Also 6 weeks is a long time, 6 weeks in the house trying to keep busy, not enough money to go shopping, have my nails done, go on road trips or eat out every day. My guinea pigs are not great company at time.
Sorted my Garden

I know i need to do university work but how can i get motivated when i know i have tomorrow to think the same thing. by the way i have done some today and now my brain hurts.

made bunting
I know i am ranting on but you people that work all year round and only get 5 weeks holiday, think about this. you can choose your holiday, you can take a day or a week off whenever you like, you get cheaper flights and holidays without as many kids. your friends may book the same time off with you. (i cant even go to Glastonbury as it not in the holidays!)

made meringues
I just want to let you know that it is the 3rd week off and i am bored!! i want to work to earn money so i can go shopping. there only so much time i can hang out with my mum, before we run out of things to say about our day to day lives.

You wait in got back to work in September and people ask "so how was your holidays?" well where do i start...???
topped up tan,( i am blonde so i burn!)

Saturday, 26 April 2014

My little ladies

Today I am going to introduce you to my Guinea Pigs. I have had Guinea pigs for 6 years. my three ladies are 5 months old. I did have 2 boys but sadly passed away last year, aged 6, called Steve and Barney. my ladies are called Winnieford (Winnie) Poppet and Flo.

The ladies hiding in a tube
Steve always looked like he was up to no good.
Barney in my Nans dolls house
 I do spoil my Guinea pigs I love to have a more but I not got the time or the space for them.
recently I pimped up there hutch. It is a double hutch with a ramp between the two levels. so downstairs is the food, fun and play with wood shaving and straw on the ground. plenty of hay in the hay rack, a red tube and wooded play bridge. they love to run and popcorn about down stairs.

Poppet, downstairs hidihole
upstairs is the bedroom area the boudoir for my ladies. It has fleece and towels on the ground and a home made metal shelve over the stairs. three places for the ladies to sleep so they can either share or sleep separate so they don't need to argue over a bed.

Flo, upstairs shelf bedding area
Winnie hard to take a picture of, she runs away
the post came today I received a large parcel I purchase which was two medium guinea pig piggy digs bed from Piggypigpigs. I have always want some of these so I finally gave in and got some.

Piggy Dig
Piggypigpig is a homemade small animal bed company made by a girl named Laura. I have been watching her guinea pigs on her Youtube site for years.  she has inspired me to pimp out my hutch and I would love to keep my ladies indoors so they have their own room but I not got the space at the moment.
poppet sniffing new bed

I will post more images of my ladies in their new beds as you can see they are not sure about them right now so I will keep you posted
Flo would rather eat ten look at new bed.
if you would like to check out Piggypigpigs just click below.

Sunday, 20 April 2014

Well its Easter Sunday

Sadly today no Easter eggs for me, I always say no thank you, as I rather have a normal chocolate bar (galaxy is the best)  and not pay for all the packaging and less chocolate. but as it is a horrible rainy day I would love to eat one now. but the shops are closed.

I am very pleased this weekend as my boyfriend Stu is finally moved in, after nearly two years together it has happened! so I share my studio with his red wardrobe, ( Stu man cave). As I am studying Art Psychotherapy I read a lot of books and make art that are response to the way that I feel.

Silly Stu in the picture
My desk, ready for so art making.
Jenny Saville LOVE

Must do some more reading.
Xbox most important!!, in my slippers! 

We met in an unusual way on a television show called The Year of Making Love on BBCThree. we were apparently put together through an scientific experiment. and I think it must of worked as we are still going strong. (apart from Stu not buying me an Easter Egg hehe)

 if you have any questions about Art psychotherapy please do no hesitate to ask.


Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Easter Break Fun

 What's a Rainbow cake between friends?

My Easter break off work and university. Yay! I have been spending time with my very dearest best friend Nicola ( and her boyfriend.
It was so nice to wonder around Brighton, looking in new shops, eating cake and playing games on the pier.

 As I have not made a blog in a while this is my new start, as I am a trainee art therapist I hope my works and reflections will help the progress of this blog.
hope you see you soon