Sunday, 20 April 2014

Well its Easter Sunday

Sadly today no Easter eggs for me, I always say no thank you, as I rather have a normal chocolate bar (galaxy is the best)  and not pay for all the packaging and less chocolate. but as it is a horrible rainy day I would love to eat one now. but the shops are closed.

I am very pleased this weekend as my boyfriend Stu is finally moved in, after nearly two years together it has happened! so I share my studio with his red wardrobe, ( Stu man cave). As I am studying Art Psychotherapy I read a lot of books and make art that are response to the way that I feel.

Silly Stu in the picture
My desk, ready for so art making.
Jenny Saville LOVE

Must do some more reading.
Xbox most important!!, in my slippers! 

We met in an unusual way on a television show called The Year of Making Love on BBCThree. we were apparently put together through an scientific experiment. and I think it must of worked as we are still going strong. (apart from Stu not buying me an Easter Egg hehe)

 if you have any questions about Art psychotherapy please do no hesitate to ask.


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