Saturday, 26 April 2014

My little ladies

Today I am going to introduce you to my Guinea Pigs. I have had Guinea pigs for 6 years. my three ladies are 5 months old. I did have 2 boys but sadly passed away last year, aged 6, called Steve and Barney. my ladies are called Winnieford (Winnie) Poppet and Flo.

The ladies hiding in a tube
Steve always looked like he was up to no good.
Barney in my Nans dolls house
 I do spoil my Guinea pigs I love to have a more but I not got the time or the space for them.
recently I pimped up there hutch. It is a double hutch with a ramp between the two levels. so downstairs is the food, fun and play with wood shaving and straw on the ground. plenty of hay in the hay rack, a red tube and wooded play bridge. they love to run and popcorn about down stairs.

Poppet, downstairs hidihole
upstairs is the bedroom area the boudoir for my ladies. It has fleece and towels on the ground and a home made metal shelve over the stairs. three places for the ladies to sleep so they can either share or sleep separate so they don't need to argue over a bed.

Flo, upstairs shelf bedding area
Winnie hard to take a picture of, she runs away
the post came today I received a large parcel I purchase which was two medium guinea pig piggy digs bed from Piggypigpigs. I have always want some of these so I finally gave in and got some.

Piggy Dig
Piggypigpig is a homemade small animal bed company made by a girl named Laura. I have been watching her guinea pigs on her Youtube site for years.  she has inspired me to pimp out my hutch and I would love to keep my ladies indoors so they have their own room but I not got the space at the moment.
poppet sniffing new bed

I will post more images of my ladies in their new beds as you can see they are not sure about them right now so I will keep you posted
Flo would rather eat ten look at new bed.
if you would like to check out Piggypigpigs just click below.

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